G'day! Welcome to the Deep Southern Skies Observatory, located in Federal, a small village in northern New South Wales, Australia.

This website is devoted to my interest in digital astrophotography and I hope that you might find that some of the images taken here might inspire you to consider the heavens and its marvellous beauty.

For best viewing of images on this site, adjust the brightness and contrast of your monitor until you see 17 steps of grey, from black to white.
This website is optimized for a 1280 x 1024 monitor resolution.
This site was last updated October 2015
What's new? The Southern Pinwheel Galaxy, M8 Lagoon Nebula, Helix Nebula, Small Magellanic Cloud,M45 The Pleides, extHANDS image gallery - click on images below.
Helix n
SMC bM45




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