The Details
Object Geosynchronous satellite trails in the field of view of Pallas
Optics Takahashi FSQ106 at f/5
Platform Paramount ME on an ATS Portable Pier
Camera SBIG ST-8 XME at -20°C self-guiding
Field of View 90' x 60'
Image scale 7 arcsec/pixel
Exposure 395 x 10", Binned 2x2
Proccessing Images dark subtracted and scanned for satellite trails. Each group of trails were average combined in Image Plus 2.82. These were then combined together using the maximum option to produce the final image.
Location Ningaloo Skies Observatory, Exmouth, Western Australia
Date 8 September 2007
Notes Still looking for a better way to maintain the brightness of the trails in the individual frames which is lost when combining many individual images.