[5] Small Magellanic Cloud in Tucana with NGC362 & NGC104 (47 Tucanae)
Al Brockman
Tak FSQ-106 @ f/5 (530 mm)
  Ningaloo skies Observatory,Exmouth, WA on 2009, Aug 17-23
Exposure type:
  L (10 x 300") Binned 1x1, RGB (6 x 300") Binned 2x2
  Paramount ME on ATS Portable Pier
Image Scale:
  3.5 arc sec/pixel, FOV:156 x 234 arc min
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Additional Notes:

The SMC is an irregular galaxy distant about 60,000 pc and is a satellite of the Milky Way. There are a large number of interesting objects within it including: NGC330 - a very bright knot of stars, 1 min across in a field sown with faint stars; NGC346 - a large bright irregular haze 4 min across being a giant emission nebula and the largest HII region in the SMC; NGC371 - an almost nebulous star cloud 5 min across; NGC376 - a small bright irregular knot of faint stars 30 sec across; NGC419 - a star cluster 1.5 min across; IC1644 - a fairly bright bluish nebula in a field with a few scattered stars, a compact HII region of high surface brightness; NGC456 - one of a chain of small star clusters with some emission nebulosity. The chain is 20 min long, running irregularly from north west to south east and is sprinkled over with brighter stars.

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