[15] NGC 300 (The Southern Pinwheel) in Sculptor
Al Brockman
Tak TOA 150@ f/7.3 (1095 mm)
  Deep Southern Skies Observatory, Federal, NSW on 2015, Oct 10
Exposure type:
  L (23 x 300") Binned 1x1, RGB (12 x 300") Binned 2x2
  Paramount MX on ATS Pier
Image Scale:
  1.02 arc sec/pixel, FOV:42 x 56 arc min
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Additional Notes:

A member of the Sculptor Group of galaxies. In 1834, John Herschell discovered NGC 300 at the Cape of Good Hope with his 18 1/2-inch reflector, however, James Dunlop listed this object in A Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars in the Southern Hemisphere, Observed at Parramatta in New South Wales, published in 1827. NGC 300 displays a barless spiral with wide, loosely wound arms and a tiny nucleus. NGC 300 has two dominant S-shaped spiral arms laced with dark lanes and starry clumps and two other feathery arms forming a weaker S giving it a pinwheel pattern. Its true diameter is 22,000 light years with a total mass of 30 billion suns.

Design and production by Al Brockman