[5] NGC 5128, Arp 153, Centaurus A in Centaurus
Al Brockman
Tak FSQ-106 @ f/5 (530 mm)
  Arafura skies Observatory,Darwin, NT on 2009, May 1
  Canon EOS 10D DSLR
Exposure type:
  L (5 x 300") ISO 400
  Paramount ME on ATS Portable Pier
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Centaurus A

Additional Notes:

NGC 5128, Centaurus A ( Peculiar Galaxy) in Centaurus. One of the brightest naked eye galaxies; nearest and most violent Seyfert-type galaxy; the most intense radio source and a source of infrared, X-ray and gamma-ray radation.
An amazing galaxy!
Unable to use bias and flat field frames produced in CCDSoft 5 as different format to the .tiff images from the Canon EOS 10D. Not sure what exposure to use for flat fielding. What is the full well capacity of the pixels from the DSLR?

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