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G'day! Welcome to Deep Southern Skies, situated in the small township of Federal, northern New South Wales, Australia.

In 2009 I suffered catastrophic injuries after being hit by a car while cycling home from my work. I am now retired and have moved with my family to Federal, NSW. By day I was working as the Australian manager at the Learmonth Solar Observatory (LSO), situated 35 km south of Exmouth. It is co-managed by IPS Radio & Space Services, Bureau of Meteorology and the USAF Weather Agency. It also forms part of the worldwide Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG) that continues to push back the envelope on our understanding of the solar interior using helioseismology.

This website is devoted to my interest in astronomy, both amateur and professional, but life does not stop there. There's also some stuff on my family, and my other pastimes and interests that are not at all related to astronomy. They are all kept together below.
Click here or on the image of the all sky viewer to learn more about the Learmonth Solar Observatory and space weather.

panorama Images of Northwest Cape and life in the desert by the sea can be found here.
SAO AO In 1999 I embarked on an online astronomy program at Swinburne University of Technology. Click on the logo to view essays and projects that have formed part of a Graduate Diploma.

My love of cycling has had a long history and taken many different forms as showh here.


Exmouth is a great place to live and what better pasttime than sailing and racing with the Exmouth Yacht Club.


My family


The Karen people of Burma continue to flee armed conflict but are additionally faced with a new insidious enemy in the form of malaria. This is particularly so for those living along the Thai-Burmese border in camps for dispalced people. I was privileged to work with these people for 12 years and have recorded some of my experiences. Coming soon...


The Khmer ruins of Angkor Wat draw me back into a bygone era of wonder and awe. Click here for my Cambodian image gallery.


Travels in Burma with my wife, a Burmese national, exposed me to a country rich in culture and beauty and a people that continue to struggle under tremendous hardships.


In 1987 I joined a good mate for a surfing adventure on Nias Island off ther west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia.


I have always loved to travel and Asia has been my passion since I first toured by bicycle in 1985/86. Click here for an image gallery of this 18 month odyssey. I have finally begun writing up this epic solo journey with images interspersed. Part I Indonesia - Bali & Java


Our dream to buy a house in the village where I lived in Thailand for many years came to a realityin 2008when we purchased the home we formerly rented in Mae Pa, Mae Sot, Tak Province. Click here for an image gallery of some images.


Following my permanent retirement, I have moved with my family to Federal, NSW, and live on a beautiful 5 acre property where the Deep Southern Skies Observatory and Homestay will be established. Click here for an image gallery of some images.

Girls Life in Mae Pa village, Thailand, and our family connections. Click here for an image gallery of some images.
Kitchen Our new kitchen in our Mae Pa House. Click here for an image gallery of some images.









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